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The Great Cholesterol Myth

Big Pharma companies have the public convinced that they must take the drugs they peddle or they will die. The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr. Marcom Kendrick is a groundbreaking study that exposes the truth behind statins and reveals a number of crucial facts, including that high cholesterol levels do not cause heart disease; that high-fat diets—saturated or otherwise—do not affect blood cholesterol levels; and that for most men and all women the benefits offered by statins are negligible at best. Listen to Dr Kendrick here. 

Interesting Map of Nuclear Instabilities

2013 Legislature: First-of-its-kind amendment would require labeling for GMOs

Julie Ann Grimm | The New Mexican
Posted: Sunday, January 20, 2013 - 1/18/13 Food that contains genetically modified ingredients would have to be labeled as such under a proposed amendment to a New Mexico state law.

Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe, introduced an amendment to the New Mexico Food Act to address what he calls a “common-sense consumer information” issue.

While officials in a number of other states have discussed similar proposals, New Mexico would be the first state to adopt such a law. (full story)

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