The Importance of Building a Strong Community

by Jonathan Barrera
A community is a group of people that share similarities through opinion, culture, or trends. Living in a community can be very important for your well-being. When you live in a neighborhood, it is very important to create a community of your own for multiple reasons.

Senior Discounts

Albertsons on the first Wednesday of the month gives a 10% discount to seniors.

Walgreen's give a discount to seniors on the first Tuesday of the month.




Community Gatherings

We hold various community gatherings at our house in Peralta.

Movie Day Potlucks - We get together around 11:30 AM and eat a lovely lunch of potluck items that everyone has brought. They can be purchased at the store or home made. We have coffee, tea, etc and then watch a movie beginning at around one o'clock.


Community Breakfasts - Usually at IHOP and occasionally at Denny's, we'll meet for a quick catch-up and breakfast.

Thanksgiving and Christmas meals in Peralta are sit-down meals at our house. We usually have a roast with potatoes. It starts at 11:30 AM and last until afternoon, usually around 5 or 6PM.



We have an elist that lets us all keep in touch and let others know about events, issues or needs. If you want to be on this elist please contact SueK.