Animal Resources

List of Animal Resources

This isn't being upfdated annymore so it's a bit old but still useful.

Animal Visiting & Viewing

  • Raptor Center
  • ABQ Bio Park
  • ABQ Zoo
  • Alpaca Ranch Bosque Farms


The Wild Side

  • Where to take wild animals


Local Critters

  • Hummingbirds
  • Snakes
  • Spiders


Problems with Bugs?

The Bugman (Richard Fagerlund) will help you manage or remove pests from your house with out using ugly toxic methods and chemicals. See his website or give him a call (505) 385-2820. He's a wonderful resource for all matters of bugs.


Pet Adoptions


(for more info see the animal resource guide)

Pet Retirement

  • Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary - They provide ELDERCARE AND HOSPICE FOR DOGS, HORSES, AND POULTRY. Located in Santa Fe, NM, they have an art show each year in order to raise money to support the sanctuary. If you are an artist, consider donating your creatins to them for the show.



5 Ways to Become an Animal Advocate


  • Dog Training - WEBAPO