The Belen Mesa Community

Land of Spirits & Spirit of the Land

The local New Mexico "mesa" community was formed way back when Nathan Twining Jr. started to sell land on the Belen Mesa. His desire was to form an intentional community in Belen. He chose to sell to people who would honor the land and preserve its beauty. He attracted folks from all over the world who were drawn to the desert.

Some say the mesa calls to them the way the vastness of the ocean calls to others. Years have gone by and although the members didn't build their houses on the land, they formed a local community of like-minded people who cherish peace, love, acceptance and spiritual values.


Nathan Twining has crossed over as have many of our original founding members, so now they are the spirits who stay in our memories and occupy the land they loved so much. Those who are left behind still cherishthe friendships of the community we have built.